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Cookie trays are the perfect addition to any wedding, themed birthday, office or seasonal event! Our cookie trays feature an assortment of our fancy cookies from our famous Alfie's French Cremes, to our hand rolled lady locks. We also offer cookie tray customizations for an additional charge. Select the cookies you want on your tray, or keep our assortment and upgrade its look with hand-drawn, customized centerpiece sugar cookies. All customized orders must be placed in person or over the phone at 412-653-2236.


1.5 dozen
2.5 dozen
3 dozen
4 dozen
6 dozen
8 dozen
10 dozen

Alfie's French Cremes
Apricot or Nut Horns
British Hats
Burnt Almond Raspberry Fancy Butter
Butter Balls
Caramel Cups
Coconut Macaroons
Fletcher Horns
*Florentines (seasonally)
French Macarons
Jelly Tea
Mini Lady Locks
Orange Cranberry Shortbread
Peanutbutter Blossoms
Pecan Tassies
*Pumpkin Drop (seasonally)
Russian Tea
Shortbread (Lemon or Raspberry Iced)


Baby Shower Cookie Tray

Birthday Cookie Tray

Birthday Milestone Cookie Tray

Bridal Shower Cookie Tray

Christmas Cookie Tray

Custom Cookie Tray with Custom Colors

Custom Iced Cut Out Cookie Tray

Customized Cookie Tray

Customized Police Cookie Tray

First Communion Cookie Tray

Graduation Cookie Tray

Graduation Cookie Tray 2

Pittsburgh Penguins Cookie Tray

Religious Cookie Tray

Wedding Cookie Tray

Wedding Cookie Tray 2